Austin Child Guidance Center is convening a “first of its kind” regional training conference on trauma and trauma-informed care.  This two day conference brings together over 350 professionals and organizations in Central Texas that work with children and adults; including mental health clinicians, physicians, school personnel, medical/nursing professionals, law enforcement, juvenile justice professionals, and occupational/physical therapists. The conference will provide expert guidance and education on the effects of trauma, as well as evidence-based practices in recognizing and treating trauma. 




Research indicates that there is a direct link between mental health and overall physical health.  Mental well-being is intrinsically connected to life outcomes.  Moreover, the consequences of untreated trauma can have long term impacts for individuals and communities.  Untreated child trauma survivors have higher absentee rates at school, have long-term physical health problems, are retained in school more often, and are more likely to be arrested before graduating. Early identification and treatment of trauma is paramount for improving the quality of life for individuals in the Central Texas area.


The Cross-Discipline Trauma Conference of Texas is provided by the Austin Child Guidance Center through generous support of St. David’s, and in collaboration with TNOYS, the Hogg Foundation and DSHS.


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