The Trauma-Informed Care Consortium of Central Texas (TICC) was established in 2013 through the generous support of St. David's Foundation. TICC, led by Austin Child Guidance Center, brings together professional organizations throughout Central Texas to address the trauma needs of children and families. TICC is made up of a variety of professionals and organizations in Central Texas that work with children - mental health clinicians, school personnel, medical/nursing professionals, occupational/physical therapists, law enforcement, and juvenile justice professionals. The consortium meets quarterly to network, share information, coordinate trainings, as well as to create a trauma-informed newsletter and maintain this website.

The goal of this website is to provide the Central Texas community with information about trauma through online resources and our quarterly newsletter, to clearly present online access to trauma-informed services in the area, and to display a centralized calendar for trauma trainings (these trainings are available for professionals, parents, and others) geared toward those seeking trauma related information in our area.

The Trauma-Informed Care Consortium is not an emergency responder. If you or someone you know is in need of emergency assistance please call 911.


To create a comprehensive trauma-informed community for children, families, and providers through education, outreach and trainings.



Increase knowledge of trauma that impacts children and families within the community



1. Hold quarterly meetings for professionals

2. Recruit a diverse membership

3. Provide a centralized, coordinated effort of trainings, education and outreach to professionals, caregivers and families

4. Improve service delivery to trauma survivors with a focus on children and families

5. Provide opportunities for trauma-related trainings



TICC membership is free and open to the public. To become a member email TICC@austinchildguidance.org.

Upcoming TICC Meetings

TICC Quarterly Meeting

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

12pm - 1:30 pm

SAFE, 1515 Grove Blvd, Austin, TX 78741

Lunch provided, please RSVP

Organizational Members


Seanna Crosbie

Austin Child Guidance Center



Renee Calder Price

DePelchin Children's Center


Organizational Members

A World For Children - Keri Cooper, Megan Light

Any Baby Can - Jenny Baldwin

Armstrong Community Music School - Margaret Perry, Sarah Beth Gooding

Asian Family Support Services of Austin - Doan Phan

Austin Achieve Public Schools - Kali Fagnant, Ashcon Habibi

Austin Child Guidance Center - Seanna Crosbie, Stephen Kolar, Andrea Ciceri, Earley Ullrich

Austin Children's Shelter - Sarah Rees

Austin ISD - Kathy Palomo, Kimberly Bird

Austin Oaks Hospital - Meg Haden, Angelica Reyes

Austin Shelter for Women and Children - Annette Pelletier, Stacy Schwarz

Austin Voices for Education and Youth - Julie Weeks, Louise Hanks

Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County - Victoria Huerta Rodriguez

Bell/Lampasas County CSCD - Katie Martin

Cardea Services- Lori Pelliccia, Vanessa Sarria

Care Options For Kids - Kevin Worwood

CASA of Travis Co.  - Stephanie Weiss, Karen Goldapp

Casey Family Programs - Michael Martinez

Center for Child Protection - Karina Garcia, Miriam Jansky

Center for Survivors of Torture- Russ Adams, Sally Dauger

Child Inc.- Adriana Vasquez, Mary Dunlap

Communities for Recovery - Linda Ramsey, Robin Peyson

Communities in Schools of Central Texas - Kelly Smith, Kris Downing

Community Advancement Network (CAN) - Raul Alvarez, Carlos Soto

CommunitySync- Suzanne Hershey

Dell Children's CARE Program- Heather Van Diest

Department of Family & Protective Services - Lauren Bledsoe, Irina Meza

DePelchin Children's Center - Renee Calder Price

Eanes ISD and Westlake High School- Katie Bryant

Easter Seals Central Texas - Jessica Portilla

El Buen Samaritano - Donna Shanor, Debbie Del Valle


Family Service Association - Ron Flores

Georgetown ISD- Jennifer Ashman-Porter, Laura Roberton

Georgetown Psychological Services, PLLC - Amanda Johnson

Greater San Marcos Youth Council - Julia Ramsay New, Nena Meadows

Helping Hand Home - Micki Marquardt, Charlotte Crary

Integral Care - Bridget Speer, Melissa Acosta

Kids in a New Groove - Charlene Warnock, Carmen Gattis

KIPP Austin Collegiate High School - Natalie Riggins

LifeWorks - Rob Thurlow, Camille Clark

Literacy Coalition of Central Texas - Adam Benden, Ashlee Kraus

Lone Star Victims Advocacy Project- Glenaan O'Neil, Seve Kale

NAMI Austin - Karen Ranus, Jessica Miller

Out Youth - Sarah Kapostasy, Aubrey Wilkerson

Parent Representative - Andrea Melendez

People's Community Clinic - Celina F. Nance, Leslee Perez

Pflugerville ISD - Vicky Esparza-Gregory

Phoenix House - Meredith Mullens, Sara Mounzer

Refugee Services of Texas - Erica Schmidt- Portnoy, Joanna Mendez

SAFE Alliance - Abigail Sharp, Sarah Rees

SafePlace, a partner agency of SAFE - Barbara Ball, Linda Herbert

Sage Recovery & Wellness Center - Angela Bowers

Samaritan Center - Gretchen Johnson Rees

Seedling Foundation - Falba Turner

Seton Healthcare Family - Valerie Rosen, Angela Nguyen 

Southwest Key Programs - Johanna Cresswell Baez, Hillary England

Spirit Reins - Rhonda Smith

Superior Healthplan- Karen Rogers, Lorraine Martinez

Taylor ISD - Trish Kolek, Stella Masterson

Texas CASA - Sarah Crockett

Texas Family Voice Network - Candace Aylor, Barbara Granger

Texas Institute for Child and Family Wellbeing- Beth Gerlach

Texas Network of Youth Services - Lara O'Toole, Christine Gendron

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid - Terry Secrest

The Austin Stone Counseling Center - Jason Kovacs, Andrew Dealy

The Christi Center - Erin Spalding

The Settlement Home - Jessica McKay, Michelle Spikes

Travis County Collaborative for Children - Katy Sauer, Rachel Dow

Travis County Health & Human Services & Veteran Services - Christinia Kuehn, Corie Cormie

Travis County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3- Judge Susan Steeg, Michael Gallardo

United Way for Greater Austin - Joelynn Avendano

University of Texas - University Charter School - Nicole Whetstone, Melissa Chavez

Upbring - Stacie Campbell, Amy Knop-Narbutis

Williamson County Juvenile Services - Lynn Kessel, Amanda Brunson

YWCA Greater Austin - Laura Gomez-Horton, Maya Amos



Newsletter Committee

Earley Ullrich - Newsletter Liaison

Micki Marquardt, Jessica McKay, Michelle Spikes, Karina Garcia, Corie Cormie


Membership and Marketing Committee

Sarah Rees - Committee Liaison

Samantha Haynes, Kevin Schoenberger, Kevin Worwood, Raul Alvarez, Carlos Soto, Natalie Riggins, Kay Mailander, Erica Schmidt, Sapna Aggarwal, Candace Aylor, Angelica Reyes


Trauma Screening Committee

Andrea Ciceri - Committee Liaison

Bridget Speer, Seanna Crosbie, Angelica Reyes, Annette Pelletier, Michael Martinez, Karina Garcia, Linda Ramsey, Kelly Smith, Micki Marquardt, Natalie Riggins, Abigail Sharp, Barbara Ball, Sarah Crockett, Alison Bentley


Website Committee

Stephen Kolar - Website Liaison

Candace Aylor